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Wayne Rhiner Plumbing LLC is certified by the State of Iowa to complete backflow testing on an annual basis.  Give our office a call to set up a convenient appointment.  Our team will file the paperwork with the city.


Why do I need to have my backflow tested?


The state of Iowa and cities require the testing to protect the drinking water supply.  The backflow controls pollution and contaminants through cross connections.


What is a cross connection?


A possible connection between the public drinking water supply and the residential plumbing system where used water, pollutants and contaminants can enter the public water supply.


What is a backflow prevention device?


A backflow prevention device is used to protect the drinking water supply from contamination or pollution due to backflow.


Why do backflow preventers need to be tested annually?


The springs, internal seals and moving parts are subject to wear and fatigue.  The testing is completed with a properly calibrated gauge and a certified, trained plumber.


Wayne Rhiner Plumbing LLC has been serving Central Iowa for over 30 years.  

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