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SPRINGTIME is when your sump needs a checkup to insure the pumps work, no debris is plugging it up, the float is not stuck, and the basket is not full of debris. If you have a backup system, you need to check the battery, all the connections and the pump and float. Checking your pump can only save you from what could be thousands in water damage.


As SUMMER rolls around, this is when outside faucets are getting turned on. If you’re doing a lot of yard work, a 2nd meter could save you money. Especially, if you have an irrigation system.


As FALL comes around, it’s time to disconnect your water hoses. Look for drafts and exposed areas where the weather can come into the home.


Finally, when old man WINTER shows, freeze ups can occur. This is also when water heaters start to give out. Temperature change is the number 1 cause for water heaters to give way. If you have an older water heater, before winter sets in, you may consider replacing it. Extreme cold causing the water coming into your home can cause heaters to give out and start leaking.


Whenever your heater has to be shut down for work to be done on plumbing, the first thing before starting the water up again is to open up a faucet on a tub. These faucets don’t have screens. It provides an outlet source for the loose debris that has come off the inside of the pipes to escape. You will find that after you have had plumbing work done, your water pressure in some faucets are low; this being the calcium and debris on the inside of the pipes that have come loose from the water being shut down and then turned back on. The pressure pushes it on out. You may unscrew the aerators from the faucet and clean the screens.